The look,
the sound, amazing!

— San Francisco Chronicle


"Spot on" vocals!

A must see show
for all ages!"

— Bloomingdale (Chicago) Times


— Bob Eubanks

Beatles Hollywood Bowl Producer/Celebrity

Disney Featured show at Disneyland and the Walt Disney Theater!

Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace Stage

Paperback Writer The Beatles Experience tribute show is the choice of Disneyland as well as Disney Cruise Lines !

READ OUR TALENT BUYER'S GUIDE even if you do not select Paperback Writer.…

When buying talent there are many issues that one may not simply be aware of that take place these days. Many are very misleading or misrepresenting to you the client or talent buyer. These practices outlined in this guide are unfortunately common place these days ESPECIALLY WITH BEATLES ACTS ! This guide is designed solely for the protection of you the buyer and also to insure that what you are buying is both an honest representation and a live presentation with real live vocals. Remember Millie Vanilli ? Who wants fake vocals ? Might as well just get a Karaoke machine.

1) Ask if they can provide an actual live recording video.

Most can't or won't guarantee sounding exactly like their video as most videos are "studio overdubs" and not a live representation. They may show the band live but the audio sound is a studio overdub. Any mediocre band can go into the studio with today's effects such as pitch correct, heavy reverb, delay and most of all multiple takes and come out smelling like a rose. Problem is they can't hold up to the video audio when performing live falling way short. This is why all of our audio on our video demo is an actual live recording. In fact, it is even recorded with a small video camera placed in the audience. The result for you the buyer ? If you like what you hear on our video demo, the show sounds EVEN BETTER LIVE ! This is simply the most honest representation one can get. Ask for a real actual live recording video.

2) Ask if the show has a left-handed Paul for authenticity.

Paperback Writer is authentic right down to the left-handed Paul.  Let's face it , shows with right handed Paul's just don't look right. Paul McCartney was not right handed. Paperback Writer ? Left-handed Paul and the absolute best detail including the Vox amplifiers and exact guitars and a sharp look !



Paperback Writer

the international Beatles tribute sensation —
More Reviews


"Best yet heard in Beatles shows !"

— Hard Rock International —


"Best Beatles show we have had here"

— Riverside Resort Laughlin, Nv. —


"From the high attention to detail
in the musicianship and characterization to the replication of costuming…equipment, Paperback Writer is guaranteed to bring audiences the most precise experience of The Beatles
as humanly possible!"

— Disney Entertainment —

"Masterful replication of The Beatles look and sound…Tackling difficult production Lennon numbers such as "A Day In A Life", "Strawberry Fields", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "I Am The Walrus" and many more with perfection!

— Orange County Register —













"Paperback Writer really rocks! Dead on vocals, perfect arrangements, real crowd pleasers. I challenge you to find a better all around Beatles tribute show than this."

— Jerry Lousteau,
WMGO Classics Radio, Jackson MS. —


"Amazing!…While others copy the Beatles. These guys BECOME THE BEATLES!! A must see performance!"

— Allie Mackay,
KTLA channel 5 Los Angeles —


Heads above the Beatles shows I've heard…This one is clearly on top!

— Eagle Press,
Cleveland Ohio —


"Sensational show for all ages !"

— Los Angeles Times —


"It is especially gratifying working with talented and genuine people like Paperback Writer. We all agree that you guys are welcome back any time!"

— Treasure Island Casino Resort —


"Better then what we saw in Branson, Missouri!"

— Holland America Cruise Lines
passengers Mary & Jim Fallin —


"O.C's Best tribute list"

— CBS Los Angeles —

Bob Eubanks

1964/65 Hollywood Bowl concert producer/celebrity, Bob Eubanks, loves Paperback Writer !

Talent Buyers Guide (cont.)

3) Ask if the singers are using or making use of vocal tracks

Yes shows are actually using “fake” vocals for your show. Talk of misreprentation ! Wow what happened to just talent ? Unfortunately it is the easy way out. Now your not hiring talent but hiring Karaoke for your professional event. Think about it. Paperback Writer never has nor never will make use of vocal tracks. Yes ! those "spot on" Beatles sound alike vocals are all sung live !




Paperback Writer's show presentation features the "one of a kind" 1964 Ed Sullivan stage set (seen below for some shows) They just can't be beat !


Paperback Writer now has CDs, T-shirts and other merchandise. Ask for our merch at any show.




In April 2018 Hard Rock Hotels featured Paperback Writer in the Dominican Republic to represent the Hard Rock Hotel Resort. In October 2018 Paperback Writer will be flying to Hong Kong to be featured artists in Hong Kong.

WOW !!! only the best see this opportunity.

Paperback Writer has traveled to 27 states and over 33 countries !





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